Monday 7 November 2016

Analytics - Need of the Hour

In today’s fast-paced business world, there is a pressing urge by the key executives to have the insight and prerequisite data in hand ready to make informed decisions.

The world is longing for “Hassle Free economical application”.

Sadly organizations often are far too busy gathering, stacking, managing and accessing the data, neglecting the most profound element of the lot “ANALYSIS”. It examines your data to uncover and understand cause-effect relationships providing basis for optimal decisions that drive their enterprise’s success. Analysis is the pedestal for BI tool as it sets to aid key executives in transmuting the operational data into actionable information.

NAVCUBE-“Business Intelligence Suite is proprietary product designed and developed solemnly by Prudence Technology under the supervision of BI experts who have a great deal of experience in the IT sector.
  • NAVCUBE focuses on analytics, consolidation, innovation, big data, and the cloud for all industry verticals that need to stay up to date.
  • BI has made significant inroads among small and medium business enterprises.
  • It provides pre-packaged KPIs, Dashboards and Reports which covers across requirements of all industry verticals.
  • Readily track and analyze KPI’s against Key Business Goals to gain a better understanding how your business is performing today.
  • Data Consolidation from multiple data sources with drill down analysis. Unlimited users with a server based perpetual license. It provides flexible query writing tool which is easy to use and deploy.
  • Effective reporting offers managers a high-level and detailed view of an organization’s operation. Data Visualization competence has a significant impact on company’s revenue, cash flow, capital structure and how a company manages its expenses and incomes.
  • NAVCUBE distinctive attribute, it keeps you abreast by encapsulating the scattered data from multiple data points altogether into a single capsule.
  • It gives you hands on experience on escalating your decision-making ability in environments that provide timely, valuable data and reporting from major industry 

Prudence Technology has always come up with Innovative Business Solutions and expertise to serve clients with industry specific needs. We believe in delivering IT right. Our philosophy lies in Customer Acquisition & Customer Satisfaction. WE provide upgrades, re-installation services, support on user issues and bug fixes free of charge during the continuance of the AMC and support services.

About the Author:
Ms Shalini Gupta is a Business Consultant at Prudence Technology having 2.5 years of experience in Retail and Marketing Sector and roles in IT and business. Shalini holds a bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering .She holds a Postgraduate Degree in Retail and marketing from JD Institute, Delhi.