Saturday 3 December 2016


Year of Monkey is almost over, and if you’re still using Excel for analytic, it’s time to change and adapt your way to view your business via new technology. Legacy tools from the age of Analytics are not adequate for the kind of data analysis problems organizations face now. And then, extracting and preparing data as per the targeted audiences (Users/Management) are old ways of analytics which should be override by built in schedulers reaching the inbox with authorized information to the end user with stats.

GenX Analytics has arrived which shall help you with analyzing your data. One of the ways to achieve this is through adding statistics to your analysis. Adding stats to your analysis can not only help in graphical analysis but it can do analysis in a better, faster and neater way.

Common tools used for statistical analysis, graphics representation are R, Python, and SAS etc. NAVCube analytics has available statistical analysis for the end users, statisticians and data miners which can be helpful for running an organization. It helps managers who are required to make decisions based on data collected over time. This data can remain futile if it is not analyzed and interpreted via statistics. It allows business managers to arrive at meaningful conclusions.  

Talking about the importance of statistical analysis, it allows management to deal with the uncertainties of the business. (Refer to the demonetization). It allows organization to make sound judgments, knowing their decisions that shall be based on stats and not on assumptions. Statistics helps businesses to plan better and make predictions about the road ahead. Statistics also allow a business to keep an eye on the competition.

Be its Regression ex: measure of the relation between output against time and cost values or Coherence ex: To examine the relation between two data sets NAVCube analytics helps you identify, classify, target and eventually influence decisions.

Synopsis: Above graph is a beautiful representation representing Sales story for an organization. Illustrated dashboard has built in statistics for analysis. Opportunity converts into order and into invoices which eventually are realized via payments. With this blog we would look onto how adding statistics over the graphical representation in NAVCube shall be helpful in identifying, classifying, targeting and eventually influencing decisions for this organization.

Lego Block I: Ratio Analysis Opportunity VS Order VS Invoice
Sales Opportunity
Sales Order
Sales Invoice
Sales Person
Sales Quantity
Sales Amount

Stats Answer: What would be the organization sales ratio while comparing Opportunity VS Order VS Invoice. Plan your number of opportunities to achieve your growth targets. Etc. Management shall know what should be my targeted opportunities for next fiscal year to achieve sales target.
Lego Block II: Ratio Analysis Sales wrt Outstanding
Sales Person
Sales Outstanding
Sales Amount
Payment Terms

Stats Answer: What would be the organization ratio to realization wrt outstanding. Etc. Management shall know their cash flow and shall be able to manage their fund flow in effective manner. It can be a key report for VC.
Lego Block III: Ratio Analysis Sales wrt Payment
Sales Person/Branch/Region
Payment Realization
Payment Terms

Stats Answer: Coherence analysis of Complete and Partial Payments against Sales Booked. Etc. Management shall know payment trends and key area of focus for the salesperson to concentrate.
Lego Block IV: Ratio Analysis Order wrt Invoice

Sales Opportunity
Sales Order
Sales Invoice
Sales Person
Item Quantity
Invoice Value

Stats Answer: Regression analysis of Order and Payments. Etc. Management shall know customer trends and key area of focus for the order execution with simple moving average.
Trivia Lego Sets: Colorful datasets put together.
When a problem requires a different method use NAVCube Analytics, which can handle more data points than Excel by default. This is working in a parallel fashion and use inexpensive way to analyze large datasets.

In our next blog we shall cover statistics how a user can manage stats with the use of NAVCube Analytics. 

Monday 7 November 2016

Analytics - Need of the Hour

In today’s fast-paced business world, there is a pressing urge by the key executives to have the insight and prerequisite data in hand ready to make informed decisions.

The world is longing for “Hassle Free economical application”.

Sadly organizations often are far too busy gathering, stacking, managing and accessing the data, neglecting the most profound element of the lot “ANALYSIS”. It examines your data to uncover and understand cause-effect relationships providing basis for optimal decisions that drive their enterprise’s success. Analysis is the pedestal for BI tool as it sets to aid key executives in transmuting the operational data into actionable information.

NAVCUBE-“Business Intelligence Suite is proprietary product designed and developed solemnly by Prudence Technology under the supervision of BI experts who have a great deal of experience in the IT sector.
  • NAVCUBE focuses on analytics, consolidation, innovation, big data, and the cloud for all industry verticals that need to stay up to date.
  • BI has made significant inroads among small and medium business enterprises.
  • It provides pre-packaged KPIs, Dashboards and Reports which covers across requirements of all industry verticals.
  • Readily track and analyze KPI’s against Key Business Goals to gain a better understanding how your business is performing today.
  • Data Consolidation from multiple data sources with drill down analysis. Unlimited users with a server based perpetual license. It provides flexible query writing tool which is easy to use and deploy.
  • Effective reporting offers managers a high-level and detailed view of an organization’s operation. Data Visualization competence has a significant impact on company’s revenue, cash flow, capital structure and how a company manages its expenses and incomes.
  • NAVCUBE distinctive attribute, it keeps you abreast by encapsulating the scattered data from multiple data points altogether into a single capsule.
  • It gives you hands on experience on escalating your decision-making ability in environments that provide timely, valuable data and reporting from major industry 

Prudence Technology has always come up with Innovative Business Solutions and expertise to serve clients with industry specific needs. We believe in delivering IT right. Our philosophy lies in Customer Acquisition & Customer Satisfaction. WE provide upgrades, re-installation services, support on user issues and bug fixes free of charge during the continuance of the AMC and support services.

About the Author:
Ms Shalini Gupta is a Business Consultant at Prudence Technology having 2.5 years of experience in Retail and Marketing Sector and roles in IT and business. Shalini holds a bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering .She holds a Postgraduate Degree in Retail and marketing from JD Institute, Delhi.

Friday 16 September 2016

NavCube Sales Management Dashboard

Sales Management Dashboard with NAVCube Business Intelligence enables the sales team to understand their performance. Sales being the most critical part of any organization requires detail analysis with lot of information require to convert data into actionable.  With NAVCube organization can do this very easily.

Hence eventually helps top executives to make the decision or be informed to plan the adversity. This can achieved for the C – Level even without clicking any application.

Through our scheduled services which is seamlessly integrated to the organization SMTP gateway. 

Key Indicators:
      - Dynamic Period Analysis
-  Financial Quarter
-  Financial Month
-  Financial Quarter
-  Demographic Wise Sales
-  Customer  Wise Sales
-  Sales Person Wise Sales
-  Item Wise Sales
-  Drill Down Analysis
Key Business Benefits:
  •      Comparatives: Sales by Customer Wise,Sales Person,Location Wise,Item Wise
  •      Drill Down Analysis till last transaction
  •      Real time visibility into the ERP data
  •      No repeat work and additional manpower
  •      Plan adversity in advance.

Thursday 8 September 2016

NavCube Manpower Count Dashboard

HR Analytics is one of the important & critical for any organization. We can analyze Manpower Count Dashboard through this dashboard which shows periodic New Joining, Active Employees along with Resignation against critical dimensions.

NAVCube makes data availability secured and approachable. Hence eventually helps top executives to make the decision or be informed to plan the adversity.

This can achieved for drill down levels with all grids on the dashboard. The report can also be made available on the scheduler periodic wise.

Key Indicators:

     -  Analysis against critical dimensions
-  Active Employees
-  New Joiners
-  Resignations
     -  Periodic Analysis
-  Drill Down Analysis
-  Region Wise
- Cost Center Wise
-  Location Wise
-  Dynamic Period Selection

Key Business Benefits:
  • Comparatives: New Joining VS Resignation
  • Drill Down Analysis With Region, Location, Cost Centre
  • Real time visibility into the ERP data
  • No repeat work and additional manpower
  • Plan adversity in advance 
About the Author:
Vedprakash Yadav is a associate consultant for Business Intelligence. Vedprash has a rich experience of over 2 years in different industry vertical. He has a passion for exploring possibilities of easing the entire BI Implementation, Dashboard Design & Analytics. He can be reached at: 

Tuesday 30 August 2016

Opportunity Analysis via NAVCube - Business Intelligence Solution

With NAVCube, one can analyze its organization opportunity status and plan his sales forecast accordingly. This can achieved for the C – Level even without clicking any application through our scheduled services which is seamlessly integrated to the organization SMTP gateway.

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the dashboard exhibits all key business parameters important for the sales head to monitor and keep a track of execution. NAVCube business intelligencemakes data availability secured and approachable. Hence eventually helps top executives to make the decision or be informed to plan the adversity. 

Key Business Indicators:

           - YOY Analogy
o   Comparison wrt Last Year
o   Comparison wrt Next Year (AMC Revenue)
·              -  Drill Down Analysis
·             -   Status of opportunity
o   Open
o   Lost Vs Won
o   Proposal Vs Order
        -   Reason Analysis for Won & Loss
        -  Contribution
o   Month Wise
o   Year Wise
o   Sales Person wise
       -    Identified Focus on Key areas
        -   Current Month Commit

Key Business Benefits: 
  1. Visibility of Organization Funnel
  2. Improved Sales Forecast
  3. Proper tracking of Sales Force
  4. Drill Down analysis for loosing opportunity
  5.  Identified Accounts for better result