Friday 16 September 2016

NavCube Sales Management Dashboard

Sales Management Dashboard with NAVCube Business Intelligence enables the sales team to understand their performance. Sales being the most critical part of any organization requires detail analysis with lot of information require to convert data into actionable.  With NAVCube organization can do this very easily.

Hence eventually helps top executives to make the decision or be informed to plan the adversity. This can achieved for the C – Level even without clicking any application.

Through our scheduled services which is seamlessly integrated to the organization SMTP gateway. 

Key Indicators:
      - Dynamic Period Analysis
-  Financial Quarter
-  Financial Month
-  Financial Quarter
-  Demographic Wise Sales
-  Customer  Wise Sales
-  Sales Person Wise Sales
-  Item Wise Sales
-  Drill Down Analysis
Key Business Benefits:
  •      Comparatives: Sales by Customer Wise,Sales Person,Location Wise,Item Wise
  •      Drill Down Analysis till last transaction
  •      Real time visibility into the ERP data
  •      No repeat work and additional manpower
  •      Plan adversity in advance.

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