Tuesday 30 August 2016

Opportunity Analysis via NAVCube - Business Intelligence Solution

With NAVCube, one can analyze its organization opportunity status and plan his sales forecast accordingly. This can achieved for the C – Level even without clicking any application through our scheduled services which is seamlessly integrated to the organization SMTP gateway.

Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the dashboard exhibits all key business parameters important for the sales head to monitor and keep a track of execution. NAVCube business intelligencemakes data availability secured and approachable. Hence eventually helps top executives to make the decision or be informed to plan the adversity. 

Key Business Indicators:

           - YOY Analogy
o   Comparison wrt Last Year
o   Comparison wrt Next Year (AMC Revenue)
·              -  Drill Down Analysis
·             -   Status of opportunity
o   Open
o   Lost Vs Won
o   Proposal Vs Order
        -   Reason Analysis for Won & Loss
        -  Contribution
o   Month Wise
o   Year Wise
o   Sales Person wise
       -    Identified Focus on Key areas
        -   Current Month Commit

Key Business Benefits: 
  1. Visibility of Organization Funnel
  2. Improved Sales Forecast
  3. Proper tracking of Sales Force
  4. Drill Down analysis for loosing opportunity
  5.  Identified Accounts for better result